ASD Market Week: Exploring the Smoke and Vape Section

The ASD Market Week event occurs twice each year. The Smoke & Vape section at the event is a relatively new offering and it has an entire section dedicated to this part of the retail industry.


The ASD Market Week was an exceptional opportunity for vendors to display brand new, innovative products for vaping and smoking. Meanwhile retailers got a chance to discover some new marketable products, all of which would appeal to the rapidly growing vaping & smoking culture.


Leading Vendors

Some of the leading vendors offering displays include the likes of JJuice, Cream Glassware, Grind Distribution, Joint Balm, and Spectrum Vapor, among others. JJuice offered custom blends as well as some of their popular mixed flavored vape products. Grind Distribution presented the ever-popular Kush rolling paper line, while Joint Balm presented organic balm made of honey and hemp.

The amazingly detailed designs behind Cream Glassware’s products and glassware, appealed to many buyers. Spectrum Vapor proudly presented vegetable glycerin based organic tobacco in the form of a vapor liquid. The branding and packaging are entertaining, and buyers got an opportunity to find out how the company goes the extra mile in assisting the retailer in marketing the product with special posters.


Award Show

The Vape + Smoke section of the August 2015 show included vendors who sell herbal supplements, enhancements, smoking accessories, and lighters. Additional related products made available to leading vendors and suppliers in the industry include eLiquid, eHookahs, Hookahs, Mods, Tanks, Vapors, and e-Cigarettes. This show also included special awards given to innovators of the Smoke and Vape industry.

A ceremony was held in order to honor Ralph Graza as Industry Leader of the Year, Gary Riddle as Media Partner of the Year, and Tracy Villegas as Retailer of the Year. As a special feature for visitors, attendees got a chance to see the Twerkulator Bus at the ASD Market Week’s Smoke + Vape Show as well as Weed Country’s Matt Shotwell. The opportunity to see the Discovery Channel celebrity was just one more perk ASD Market Week attendees got for attending the event.