First E-Cigarette ‘Vaping’ Appear On TV


The first UK advert showing people using e-cigarettes is due to be shown on TV

The first UK TV adverts featuring the use of an electronic cigarette – vaping – are being shown.

While e-cigarette adverts have been on television for some time, showing the device itself was banned until a change in advertising rules which came into force on Monday.

The Committee of Advertising Practice has ruled that adverts must not show tobacco “in a positive light”.

Critics warn showing e-cigarette use could normalise the imagery of smoking.

The British government banned cigarette advertising on television in 1965.


1. On some e-cigarettes, inhalation activates the battery-poweredatomiser. Other types are manually switched on.

2. A heating coil inside the atomiser heats liquid nicotine contained in a cartridge.

3. Liquid nicotine becomes vapour and is inhaled. The “smoke” produced is largely water vapour. Many e-cigarettes have an LED light as a cosmetic feature to simulate traditional cigarette glow.