Helpful Steps on How to Quit Smoking and Start Vaping

Helpful Steps on How to Quit Smoking and Start Vaping


Alrighty Vapers, it is Throwback Thursday time and if you are an expert who knows their stuff, then this blog might not be for you. The point of these Thursday blogs, is to bring back some basic information for those who need reminding about certain hardware, or certain aspects of our website. Today I want to talk about how we can assist people to quit smoking, and help them control their urge to smoke by replacing smoking with electronic cigarettes.

If you are someone who has already made the switch, you’ve probably already felt the benefits  of vaping over smoking and know of how e-cigs not only reduce your lung exposure to dangerous carcinogens, but also make people want to hang around you, since you no longer smell like an ashtray.


According to an article by WebMD1, a study was done of people who wanted to quit smoking, and of those people, about 60% were more likely to succeed if they used e-cigarettes, compared to those who used alternative nicotine replacement therapies such as, nicotine patches or gum. Traditional nicotine replacement therapies just do not give that aesthetic feeling of smoking, and don’t allow for that organic inhale and exhale of smoke (or vapor). Those sensations actually become a large part of the addiction, or really habit, of smoking. Allowing smokers to feel like they’re still smoking, while cutting back significantly on the dangerous chemicals associated with traditional cigarettes, is most likely a large part of the reason e-cigarettes boast such a high success rate. While there are those who can quit cold turkey (props to them!), those who aren’t able to do that are left high and dry, which is where electronic cigarettes come in to save the day.

Allowing someone to be able to feel like they are smoking without having the consequences presented by all of the additional harmful chemicals in cigarettes, opens the door for a less carcinogen filled future. If allowed to go further, and as we collect more and more data about the benefits of vaping, people might actually come to realize that electronic cigarettes are helping people to quit smoking. Those opposed to e-cigarettes in general, may be wondering why our sales (as an industry) keep increasing, and really that increase is showing how many smokers there are in the world that want to quit smoking, and haven’t been able to do it with the nicotine replacement therapies made available to them in the past. We are not in the game to create new smokers, we are not the gateway to creating smokers, we are in no way close to what cigarettes are. We just offer a new, alternative nicotine replacement that gives users a less harmful vice, and with preliminary data, seems to be a more effective alternative that others before it.


Now lets gets starting on a program for smoking less; steps that you can follow on how to quit (or help someone quit) smoking entirely. Remember, this is generally not an instant switch for most people (though for some it can be, everyone is different). This transition can take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months depending on how much and long you have smoked in the past, and it’ll probably feel a little uncomfortable at first.  Be sure to do your research on the types of effects quitting smoking can have on the human body2.  During this transition, your body will be fighting to clear out months, or years, of tar build up in the lungs, so expect some coughing. Also, traditional cigarettes tend to make your mouth salivate more, so when making the switch some people experience what we call “vapors cough”. This is completely normal, and should not last long. Just be sure to drink lots of water during this period. If you are nervous about quitting, feel free to consult a medical doctor!

Week 1:

Set a quit smoking date. Try to pick a date of significance to you, something meaningful so you will be less likely to go back to traditional cigarettes. Tell your coworkers, friends, and  family, that way you can build yourself a support system. It’s easy to give up on something if you are the only one telling yourself not to, but with friends and family supporting your endeavor, success if much more likely.

It’s all in the mind… Remind yourself each day of why you are doing this … if need be, write an entire list of your reasons for switching or using e-cigarettes to quit entirely.

In between each cigarette vape instead, allow a back and forth action to get your body used to vaping. If you smoke 12 cigarettes in a day, keep your regiment of 12 smoke/vape times, except 6 of the 12 times, vape instead.

Don’t get discouraged if you don’t take to vaping right away. Many people who switch to e-cigarettes spend the first week or so slowly weaning off of traditional cigarettes, while getting used to their new e-cigarette. Give it time!

Week 2:

At this point, you want to make sure your cigarettes remain at home at all times, limiting your access to them. Also, while leaving your cigarettes at home, start bringing your e-cigarette everywhere you go. Especially if you are going out to have a drink with a friend. Smoking in the car and social smoking are hard habits to break, so making it harder to do these things will make it easier in the long run.

If you need, don’t feel ashamed to have a smoke in the morning and maybe one at night. If you’ve just gone down from the amount of cigarettes you’ve smoked in a day (whether that be from a pack-a-day, down to one or two, or three a day to one or two) that is a victory, so don’t sell yourself short!

Reward yourself! It doesn’t matter how, just make sure you are giving yourself a pat on the back for doing the right thing.

Week 3:

This week you should strive for an almost cigarette free week, though, understandably there are slip ups (just try to make sure they are not every day). By this point, really get it into your head that you want to get your body to a point where you are no longer dependant on cigarettes.

If you are still having trouble cutting back on your cigarette use, find yourself a place where it would be almost a punishment to yourself to smoke there. Like only smoke outside, or somewhere you have to drive to, make it almost impossible for yourself to smoke a cigarette.

If you have successfully started to cut back on your cigarette use (or happen to have cut it all together), you might have started noticing your sense of smell and taste coming back. With this comes more awareness of the intense smell cigarettes cause. If the smell of cigarette smoke is tempting you, throw everything away that has that strong smell (that you can) and try to avoid other smokers.

Week 4:

  • CIGARETTE FREE WEEK! This week you should tell yourself you are not allowed to have any cigarettes, this week is a week where you focus on vaping only. If you make it through this week without smoking, then you are on your way to a cigarette free world.

Understandably, this is not a fool proof plan that will surely get you to stop smoking. This is still a commitment, and you need to have the attitude that you really want to stop smoking. The timeline listed above, is more of a loose guideline. Different people will go through it in different amounts of time, and with varying levels of success. Just remember, you have so  many things out there that you could be doing, but smoking is holding you, and your lungs, back from experiencing life with your loved ones.

Things to Think About:

Alrighty vapers, lets help smokers quit, time to tell them how you you were able to kick the cigarette habit. What is your story about quitting? Since you have been vaping what have you been able to do? What is something amazing that you have experienced?