Top Five Reasons Electronic Cigarettes are Here to Stay


-No bad odor: Let’s just admit it. Besides the obvious health risks, the worst thing about traditional cigarettes is that they stink. Not only do they stink, but they make smokers, those around them and almost anything they come in contact with (clothes, cars, furniture, etc.) stink. E-cigs have virtually no odor, as they can be used almost anywhere. I have yet to meet anyone, even the strongest anti-smoker, who is offended by e-cig odor.

Cost conscious: While their actual cost can be hard to measure, e-cigs are clearly cheaper than traditional cigarettes. They are also used in a different way than traditional cigarettes that tends to be less wasteful.

Marketing and advertising strategy: E-cig makers and brands have learned valuable lessons from their tobacco predecessors when it comes to overhyping and promoting to young people. Most e-cig television and print advertising is understated and avoids appealing to kids, while more emphasis has been made online and through social media. One of the major arguments against e-cigs is their potential appeal to minors, especially due to flavoring and packaging. If that’s the worst that e-cig opponents can come up with, it’s a pretty weak case.

Reasonable regulation: So far, both federal and local e-cig regulation has moved slowly in most cases. E-cig and vaping supporters are well organized and trying to use more rational than emotional arguments in favor of their cause. Also, while the major tobacco companies are now moving into the e-cig arena, many brands and stores remain smaller, local businesses.

Health issues:  Despite the fact that e-cigs have far less toxins than tobacco cigarettes, especially when it comes to the burning paper, most vaping supporters have downplayed the health benefits of e-cigs. While there are some unknowns about e-cigs as a newer product, common sense shows they are helping people quit smoking.

If the last four years of rising e-cig and vaping popularity has been fast and furious, the next four years and beyond could be even more interesting.  Vaping Time:-)